Krav Maga Brisbane

Krav Maga Brisbane

Krav Maga Brisbane

Krav Maga Brisbane has one purpose. To teach the best possible system of Krav Maga, meaning the most effective style not just of Krav Maga, but of self-defence, full stop. Krav Maga Brisbane’s aim is to make that accessible to everyone, men and women alike, and everyone from absolute beginners, to security, police, and military. Krav Maga Brisbane is headed by Master Schneider, who was the personal body guard to the President of South Africa, has taught the British Special Forces (SAS), and has a PhD in Security Management. He is the real deal, a master level black belt in a number of martial arts, an amazing teacher, and a really nice guy! If you’re looking for the best street mma gym Brisbane has to offer, the instructor to learn Krav Maga from, the best facility (it’s fully matted and air conditioned), and friendly people to train with, Krav Maga Brisbane is the place to be!

Krav Maga, Kravmaga, Krav Magra…

Kravmaga, KravMagra, Krav Maga

Krav Maga, Kravmaga, Krav magra, Krav Magar, crav maga, krac maga, krava maga, krag maga, krav manga, krav marga, krav mag, kav maga…wow! It’s all Krav Maga! It’s all the same thing, it’s just a word that many people are unfamiliar with, so Krav has become known by all these different weird and wonderful names! We get asked a lot, what’s the right way? It’s Krav Maga, but it doesn’t matter really, because it’s all about the training, learning a super effective form of self-defence, and getting confident knowing you can defend yourself.

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  • Special Classes For Beginners.
  • Best Training Facility In Brisbane.
  • Classes Specific For different Skill and Experience Levels.
  • Free Gym For Members.
  • Improve Fitness, Strength, and Confidence.
  • Free Coffee and Wi-Fi Throughout.
  • Classes on Weekdays, Evenings, and Weekends.

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